Flipkart Customer Care Number Toll-Free – 1800 208 9898

By | December 21, 2017

The trend of e-commerce shopping is increasing in all regions whether it is urban or rural. Various companies are providing their retail services at an affordable price as compared to local shops. In India, Flipkart is one of the leading websites for online shopping. To deal in such a big country, they need a strong customer care network. The Flipkart customer care number representatives are capable of providing information regarding every kind of issue regarding delivery, return and packaging etc.

Flipkart Customer Care Number

The major help topics that Flipkart is covering in their customer support section are regarding:-

  • Order.
  • Cancellation.
  • Payment.
  • Shopping.
  • Wallet.

These six sections are covering every kind of problem that a customer may face while placing an order or the time of delivery. In the below article, you will find the details of above-mentioned topics:-

Order: On calling to the Flipkart Toll-Free customer care number, you can easily get details of your order which is about to deliver or you wish to add to your virtual shopping cart. They guide you in case you miss the delivery due to any reason. The executives of customer care services will tell you the procedure to get back the item. All up to date details regarding order confirmation and delivery time are available at their desk.

Cancellation and return: Sometimes, it may happen that you have to cancel the order due to some reasons. In this situation, the Flipkart customer service number is very helpful. There is no need to worry if your order is arriving but suddenly you realize that it is not as per your expectation. Not even cancellation, the help desk of this site will also ask you in case you need a replacement for that product. They refund the entire amount once your order goes back to the seller.

Payment: Payment is the major factor that involves when it comes to the sale or purchase of a product. Various payment methods are available on the website of Flipkart that you can use for payment purpose. To know about the credit card or EMI payment, just call to the Flipkart helpline or visit the 24X7 customer service support section of the official website i.e. www.flipkart.com.

Shopping: There are many questions that may come in your mind while searching for a product during shopping. Some products need installation after shopping, somewhere you may find different prices for the same product or any question regarding shipment. Through Flipkart customer care email id, one can contact the company representatives and get the answers in writing. You can see many terms and conditions on the display page of a product that may be confusing. That is why Flipkart has introduced a wide range of support options through both telephonically and mailing.

Wallet: E-wallets are in trend nowadays because you can easily purchase anything through them without requiring bank account details again and again. Flipkart is also providing the benefit of wallet to customers but it is a new concept. As a result, people may get confused that how to use it and what if the amount in the wallet is insufficient for placing an order. Getting all information including use of gift card and net banking etc. just require Flipkart helpline number. Their services are available whole day and night, so feel free to contact whenever you have a home.

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Flipkart Toll-free number: 1800 102 3547

Also, Flipkart has an issues related separate section where you can find 3 categories which are regarding:-

  • Recent order: Here one can view orders which are recently placed with the status of delivery or cancellation. As an alternative, just call on Flipkart phone number and gather information about the status if internet connectivity is not available.
  • Non-order related: Not just your order details, but Flipkart also enables you to get queries of account or reporting an error.

Flipkart Contact Number Alternative

  • (080) 49400000.
  • (0124) 6150000.
  • 1800 208 9898 (Toll-Free Complaint Number).

Flipkart customer support email: cs@flipkart.com

Multiple modes of communication are necessary when it comes to interacting with a large number of customers. For this purpose, Flipkart has many customer care service centres across the country where one can call to solve the queries. Also the mode of Flipkart customer care email address is available to choose if no direct interaction is possible through calling. They will revert you back soon after receiving the message.

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